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Recent Projects  These are some of the more recent projects I have been working on.

  • Ambulatory EHR Product Revival

    Refreshing a previously sunset application to a production ready state. The tasks include improving the UI, conversion to a new interface engine, and updating various areas such as electronic eligibility/claims, card scanning/OCR, eRX, and discharge instructions.

  • Mobile Development

    Use of Xamarin Forms to create a mobile application for Apple iOS and Google Android using a unified codebase.

  • Web API

    I have created a RESTful web api for an exisiting database to allow external clients to consume and interact with the data in our EHR application using the http protocol. It is built using the .NET WebAPI 2 framework and includes features such as application level authentication and controler level authorization.

  • SignalR

    SignalR Hubs where incorporated into the Web API mentioned above and the web pages of the application were modified to make asynchronous calls to the API. SignalR pushes these changes out in real time to any subscribed clients.

  • Knockout.js

    Knockout has been utilized to keep elements of the database, DOM, and UI synchronized. ViewModel changes by the user as well as those recieved by SignalR are handled by Knockout to ensure reliable synchronization.

Web Development


    Most of my proferssional experience has been in the development of web applications. Some of my favorite practices of late use responsive design principles for use on a variety of devices and screen sizes.


    These are the server languages I have the most experience with in the web apps that I have worked on.

  • Javascript jQuery jQueryUI Ajax JSON Knockout.js

    I use these to help me write the client side code to provide a richer, more interactive experience.

  • Bootstrap Joomla WordPress Drupal

    The use of a CMS or platform can make projects much easier since so much is already done before you begin. This site itself uses Boostrap for a responsive design that is functional across many platforms.

SQL and Business Intelligence

  • SQL 2000-2016 MySQL

    These are the RDBMS's that I have used the most for back end storage. I have designed many from a blank datbase while I also have worked on and maintained legacy databases as well.

  • SQL Integration Services

    Have used SSIS for many scenarios such as writing a package to migrate data to allow for customer upgrades to fit the schema of newer versions.

  • SQL Reporting Services

    I have lots of experience authoring SQL Reports and integrating them into various web applications. These reports have ranged from list-style text reports to richly styled, visual, chart-styled reports.


  • Visual Studio 2015, VS Code NetBeans/Eclipse SQL Server Management Studio

    These are the main IDE's installed on my machine that get the most use.

  • NotePad++ WinMerge Paint.NET VMWare Player

    This list is just a few of the other shortcuts from my desktop that I use regularly in the development process.