Thank you for taking the time to visit my resume site.

My name is Tom and I am a software engineer in the Atlanta area. I have put together this site to briefly highlight my professional career and skills. I have made this site as informative as possible but I also wanted to keep things concise. If you need more information, just send me an email and ask.


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Skills & Tech

An overview of some of the roles I have experienced and technologies that I use the most. Many of them are used on this website.

Software Development

I have been developing applications professionally for over 11 years. I have experience with web and mobile development and have worked mainly in the medical and education fields.

Team Lead

Bringing people together to work towards the common goal of developing and delivering highly scalable and stable applications to our customer base.


Experienced in software design patterns, scalable architecture best practices, and administration of these methodoligies in enterprise environments.


C# .NET Core MVC JavaScript JS Frameworks SQL SSRS Restful API's Web Services Bootstrap Xamarin Forms HL7 Mirth (NextGen Connect) EDI X12 BizTalk AWS/Azure Git/TFS Identity Server

Work Experience

A list of companies that I have worked for and my duties there.

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Just a few words about me and my family.

I was born and raised in coastal Georgia just outside of Savannah. From a young age I was interested in fixing and tinkering with things. Although I didn't appreciate it at the time, we never had cable TV in the house. This lead to spending more time tinkering with the family computer, an IBM PC clone, complete with dual 5.25" floppy drives and green monochrome adapter. I was fasciniated that I could make it do whatever I told it to. I remained a computer enthusiast for quite a while but didn't consider making a professional career out of it until taking a Java class and having the spark reignited.

I moved to Atlanta 14 years ago. My wife, Lara, and I have been married for 12 years and we have two daughters. In my free time, I like to work in the yard when it is nice outside or maybe catch up on some reading when the weather isn't so good. I can still be found tinkering with things, whether this involves fixing a friend’s computer or taking on a big project in the renovations of our house.


  tom@tomhutson.com or use the form below to reach out.